Hair Extensions.

Harm free extensions 

no heat- no glue-no damage! 

We at cream hairdressing do not believe in harming or damaging the hair in anyway. So with hair extensions we decided to opt out completely in harmful glue extensions. We have studied and perfected our skills in 3 main methods which are just as if not better than the glue type extensions.

prior to extensions we require a quick chat to determine what type of method you want and what’s best for your hair type. Then we match the colour with our extension colour ring. 50% deposit will be needed in order to book the appointment and 5 days after your deposit is paid (as we don’t keep extension in salon, we order and post may delay)

a full head extensions can take from 1hr 30min to 3hrs. Depending on method and density/thickness of your hair


micro ring/loop

micro rings are vastly becoming the most popular type of extensions. We attach individual pre bonded extensions to your hair using small micro rings that are gripped to your hair with pliers. They normally last 4 months and can be rotated every 2 months. Our ongoing offer for micro rings is full head only £200.

nano tip

The nano tip is the newest type of extensions available. And not widely used or known by hairdressers. its simular to micro ring but smaller bonds, much smaller! in fact it’s 90% less visibable than any other extension. plus the bonds and hair are made so well, its reusable up to 9 months! A full head of nano tips starts from £300.


Options and maintenance 

we can offer you a uniq treatment for your extensions prior to application. infusing the hair  before applying with our brazillian keratin blowdry treatment. This was by chance of us testing that showed it had given the extension fantastic results! Making the extensions even more shiny, absolutely frizz free and more manageable. Plus giving the hair a real perfection in texture. we charge on top for this treatment only £30

maintenance is key for all  extensions to keep to there best. Part of this may include some of the micro rings or nano tips to have fallen which is perfectly normal from time to time. And if you do have some fall it’s normally around 1-5. Out of 200 extensions applied, it really won’t notice. However when and if this happens we never charge to pop them back in. It doesn’t take 5min and we be more than happy to do this. The other part of maintenance is rotation. All of the extensions we do can be rotated. Which is brilliant considering you can’t with any glue bonding methods. micro rings are every 2 months and nano tips are every 3 months As they can last up to 9. And micro weft are just whenever you feel it becoming Loose.So every month if required by you. We do charge for rotation.

Rotation prices

micro ring £50

nano tips £90


And finally the removal of extensions. It’s simple quick and easy. No pain and no mess. With no damage left over. we dont charge for the removal of our extensions only* as it takes less than 20min to remove.

we hope this page has been helpful on our extension methods but in any case your more than welcome to call the salon 01322 339 831for any more queries. Or even pop by to talk with one of our team who would be happy to help