Colouring & Highlights.

Cream hairdressing is proud to be a high class and professional colour specialist salon. We train and work incredibly close with Schwarzkopf and loreal professional, with constant updates at our salon or training at the international academy’s. our main colour house/range is Schwarzkopf igora royal professional. We believe after 10 years of hair colour experience that this colour brand is the highest and best in quality,care and true pigment colour results. All our stylist are colour experts and each service is given a free consultation before or with the appointment to determine the choice of colour or colours you desire. With a massive variation of colour effects to choose… From soft highlights,full head colour change to the popular ombré effect.. There is so much exciting and and versatile colours to choose. Plus colour services can be intermixable ie ( full highlighting with full head colour tinting) the choices are endless.

Highlights.highlighting the hair can be from a soft subtle lighting effect to a full intermixable colour change, using foils to high and low lighting effects of your choice. This is a booking or walk in appointment

Panel slicing.panelling and slicing is colouring layers and sections of your hair with foil that gives striking effects and the colour of your choice. This is a booking or walk in appointment

Full head and root tinting. Tinting the hair is great for changing your hair to covering grey hairs. Tinting can give you natural colour to bright striking reds and much more. This is a booking and walk in appointment

Ombré.this colour service is very modern and popular with celebs and fashion icons, it’s and effect that either blends the dark colour from the roots to the mid length and then lighter to the ends. Or the dip dye version where the hair is just lightened on the ends. The colour choice and technique can vary. This is a booking or walk in appointment

Bleaching and toning. this is a perfect colour service that is for blondes. We use Schwarzkopf professional blondme! Which is a professional cream bleach,it can be used on or off the scalp and lifts up to 8 levels with comfort and care. Plus blondme’s toners turn the freshly bleached her to ice white blondes or beautiful caramels and golds. This is a booking or walk in appointment ammonia free colour. Most permanent hair colours contain a small amount of ammonia that is not normally harmful to most people. But in very rare cases some clients hair and scalp may be sensitive to ammonia. In this instant we would suggest to use scwarzkopf igora essensity. A none ammonia colour that uses natural chemicals and oils to penetrate the hair cuticle.this is a booking or walk in appointment Semi colours. This is a none permeant colour that last 24 washes. It’s best for clients wanting to try a colour without permanent results, or tone on tone colouring to refresh older permanent colour. This is a booking or walk in appointment Chalking. Chalking is a temporary colour that last 2 washes. It uses chalk compound that gives very bright and striking results. This is a booking or walk in appointment If you require anymore information regarding colouring and highlights,please feel free to call or pop in to the salon